News: Record Store Day 2013 – Full List of Releases

This year’s Record Store Day – of which Jack White is the Ambassador – is happening on Saturday 20th April. It’s a day when independent record stores the world over, will be grappling with one another to get their hands on copies of the strictly limited edition releases. Since it began in 2007, the main inspiration behind Record Store Day has been to celebrate the joy in holding an actual physical copy of a release in your bare hands. It’s an opportunity for both first time releases and re-issues, from bands and solo artists long since finished, right up to the modern-day, to become available to the music loving public the world over, and more often than not sell out on the day!

Thanks to ‘Potholes In My Blog’ for the following list, where there is definitely something for everyone on offer:

There is a lot to be said for entering an independent music store, on any given day, pottering around its aisles and searching through the seamlessly never-ending racks to find that one release you’re seeking. The highlight of  buying a new (or second-hand!) album, e.p. or single, over the counter from a real person, as opposed to online, is that you can then venture home, unleash it from its packaging, put it on its respective player and happily listen to it over and over. All the while, you are able to relax and spend time reading the lyrics – where applicable – and checking out the art work, if you so wish that is.

I can only hope that some things on the list scream out to you, and this will in turn lead you to drop into your nearest Independent Record Store on April 20th! I’ll be keeping an eye out for the Husker Du, Orange Juice and Titus Andronicus releases – To search the list of all participating stores in your part of the world  check out:

Finally please realise that not all releases are available in all countries on the day, so check with your local store owner beforehand and best of luck in getting hold of that particular 7″ single,  Box Set or 12″ lp!


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