News: Pixies Announce New 4 Track EP

Like alot of people who enjoy listening to the Pixies,  I wasn’t expecting much in the shape of news from Frank Black & Co. at any stage this year, bar perhaps some more re-union gigs being announced around the world. So it was with some surprise that the news of Kim Deal’s departure in June, was followed up only a fortnight later, with their first new song in 9 years, entitled “Bagboy”.

It is a song that I’m still not 100% sure about, but as of today, it isn’t the only Pixies release of 2013. As from out of nowhere they have announced the release of a new 4 track EP. The name of which isn’t clear from their website (Is it EP1 or Indie Cindy?) but we do know that the four song titles are; “Andro Queen”, “Another Toe In The Ocean”, “Indie Cindy” and “What Goes Boom”.

There are also four ways of owning this new EP, with the most exspensive being the version that includes; an exclusive limited edition 10″ vinyl (only 5000 being pressed), a  pretty cool looking “Indie Cindy” t-shirt (also a limited edition) and the now commonplace downloadable audio version.

For more information check out:


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