Single Review: Boomgates – “Widow Maker”

Summer is the time of year when short, sharp, indie-pop gems, normally make a more prominent appearance, to most music loving folk. So by following that rule of thumb, there’s no better time for the rather stellar Melbourne act, Boomgates, to have decided to put out some new material. “Widow Maker” contains everything you love about this underground, super-group of sorts. Don’t let the title fool you into thinking they’ve gone all doom and gloom, since the release of their excellent debut album “Double Natural”. It’s an incredibly infectious, jangly guitar driven, little ditty, which boasts numerous melancholic hooks dotted throughout, as well as a chorus you can’t help but spout out loud repeatedly.

Plus to top it all off, “Widow Maker” is being released as a split 7″ single, alongside infamous Flying Nun act The Bats, who have included “December Ice” – an outtake from 2011 – on the flipside. The reason for the split release? Easy. It’s to highlight the fact, that these two bands are playing at the launch night – Nov 15th –  for next month’s Melbourne Music Week. It’s win win really!


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