Single Review: Andrew Carter – “Can’t Imagine Why”

Richmond’s Andrew Carter recently dropped his new single “Can’t Imagine Why”, in preparation for the release of his debut full length record ‘Bedroom Soul Symphony’. Carter is aiming for a soul pop vibe on his debut album, but in all honesty, if you were to judge it on the basis of this track, he seems to have fallen under the more, quirky indie pop banner, as opposed to anything really resembling soul.

Yes “Can’t Imagine Why” opens with what sounds like an electric organ, which is normally associated with soul music. However after Carter’s vocal kicks in, it seems to jump into the realms of your everyday bubblegum pop song; where the regular guy yearns for the attention and affections of a female “She’s a gift/But I can’t unwrap her/A ball of yarn/That I can’t unravel”.

The female backing vocal’s add an extra dimension to the track, something which was sadly lacking, on Carter’s previous single “Treat You This Way”. At times “Can’t Imagine Why” is slightly more reminiscent of a toned down version of what Tim DeLaughter may pen for his Polyphonic Spree collective. The addition of some horns halfway through, slows it down a notch, and for whatever reason, there is the inclusion of what I think, is a synthesised harpsichord. It picks up again towards the end, with Carter striving for some kind of euphoric finale, which it very nearly reaches, until it – that is the version that has been uploaded online – just abruptly stops?!


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