Single Review: Jonny Rep – “Waiting Room”

Jonny Rep are a four piece indie-rock outfit from County Cork, who have been on the go for a few years now – their self titled debut album was released back in 2010 – but have only been on my radar for the last month or so. Their most recent single “Waiting Room” was released back in June, and is in fact their second single of this year, with “Won’t You Argue”, having been unleashed back in March.

Waiting Room” opens with a dual combination of intense drumming and power-chord driven riffs, similar to that of early Foo Fighters, Jimmy Eat World, Therapy? and Kerbdog. No complaints from me there so! The vocals however, contain just a smidgen of an American tint throughout – which may very well be unintentional – but as piercing as the Cork accent may be to some folk – not to me, may I stress! –  it should be considered an asset to the ongoing sound of Jonny Rep. In this sense I’m thinking of former Cork sons – and no calculated confusion is meant here – Waiting Room, whose use of their local brog was fairly obvious, on their wonderful debut album “Catering For Headphones”.

The chorus is incredibly infectious and will have you singing along in no time; “That’s not all you got/That’s not all you got/That’s not all you got/Waiting outside your room”. “Waiting Room” also contains hooks that are embedded left right and centre, which sit comfortably alongside the sometimes screeching and dirty sounding guitar play and thumping drum beat.


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