Album Review: White Denim – “Corsicana Lemonade”

Corsicana Lemonade

Prolific, enthralling and mind mindbogglingly under-rated, are just some of the terms, that can be justifiably affiliated with Texan’s White Denim. With the release of their fifth record ‘Corsicana Lemonade’, White Denim have flourished ardently, from the raw energy and garage rock sounds, that encompassed their 2008 debut ‘Workout Holiday’.

From parading influences as diverse as their home state of Texas in the title track, to Irish rock titans Thin Lizzy via “At Night In Dreams”, and the muscular southern boogie flair of “Come Back”, White Denim are seemingly no longer confined to wanting to lay beneath anybody’s radar.

‘Corsicana Lemonade’ includes noticeable guitar solos, especially during “Limited By Stature” and “New Blue Feeling”, which is something that a younger and brasher White Denim would have never comprehended. However with this being a record that explores their coming to terms with growing older, and tipping their collective hats to Texas, it’s obvious that these elements, have crept not just into the lyrics, but also in the way the record plays out.

The smooth, and at times crooning vocals of  James Petralli, adds an extra facet to White Denim’s arsenal, while Austin Jenkins has fit so effortlessly into the set up, his guitar playing allows for their elaborate song structures to come to life. The incredible prowess of rhythm section, Joshua Block and Steven Terebeki, is vehemently highlighted during “Pretty Green”. Finally, their take on fervent soul pop, is exquisitely executed on last track “A Place To Start”.

Key Tracks: “A Night In Dreams” / “Come Back” / “Pretty Green”

Rating: 9.5/10

This review appeared on Tonedeaf 


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