Single Review: The Vincent(s) – “Milk With Tea”

the vincent(s)For a band that have only been in existence for the last 14 months or so, Cork act The Vincent(s), really do stand out when it comes to comparing them to what else is going on in the current Irish music scene. To me their sound lends itself to the various worlds of, acid fuelled psychedelia, beat infused krautrock, slow paced heavy metal, gritty punk rock and horror themed B-movies. Which when you think about it, really is a joy to behold!

Milk With Tea” was let loose on the world as a free download last month, via The Vincent(s) soundcloud page, yet I have only now gotten around to giving it a spin. It follows hot on the heels of their 4 track ‘Valley of the Sun’ EP, which was released back in August, on Ireland’s independently run FIFA Records.

A chugging bass line and thumping drum beat, akin to Queens of the Stone Age, are what first greets you, when you open the can of psychotic worms that is “Milk With Tea“. Banshee like keyboard notes then enter the fray, and merge quite effortlessly with the pounding rhythm section and wailing guitar licks. The Cork tinged vocals are something that adds to the mystified notion, that your ears are experiencing a form of manically warped, psyched out, unhinged lunacy. And they would of course be correct, however it is this world of utter derangement that I find myself returning to, over and over!


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