Single Review: Cloud Nothings – “I’m Not Part Of Me”

Cloud Nothings 2014Cloud Nothings are set to unleash their fourth full length record Here and Nowhere Else courtesy of the independently run and Sydney based label Stop Start on March 28th. In the mean time the band have decided to drop its lead single, “I’m Not Part Of Me” so as to whet your appetite in anticipation.

Having toured relentlessly for 18 monthswhich included a crushing set during last year’s St Jerome’s Laneway festival here in Melbourne, it’s evident that Cloud Nothings have decided to take a slight detour down a more melodic path, compared to the angled aggression that was obvious throughout 2012’s excellent Attack  On Memory.

“I’m Not Part Of Me” opens with a chugging guitar riff – Husker Du like – from frontman Dylan Bali, who accompanies his distorted playing with a more subtle vocal approach, in contrast to what he spat out relentlessly throughout Attack On Memory. And by subtle I don’t mean that the passion or intent of Baldi’s rasping vocals have jumped ship, far from it, it’s just that he doesn’t seem as hostile as before. Perhaps time on the road led him to mellow out?!

There are countless lyrical hooks on show during “I’m Not Part Of Me”, none more so than; “I’m not telling you all I’m going through/I feel fine” and “I’m not, I’m not you/you’re a part of me, you’re a part of me”, which leaves one in no doubt that Baldi knows how to pen a catchy song. Don’t worry if you think that this softer vocal aspect of Baldi’s means that Cloud Nothings have lost any of their discordant punk rock character. That element is highlighted over and over courtesy of Baldi’s guitar playing as well as TJ Duke’s driving bass and Jayson Gerycz’s meticulously pounding drumming.

If this is what is to come from Cloud Nothings then we are sure to be in for a treat with Here and Nowhere Else.

Watch the video for “I’m Not Part Of Me” below:


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