Album Review: Fucked Up – “Glass Boys”

fucked up cover 2Glass Boys is the fourth full length record from Toronto’s Fucked Up, and with it, the hardcore punk outfit have decided to take a more introspective view of their career and its subsequent success.

Vocalist Damian Abraham growls and bellows his way throughout Glass Boys, however his abrasive approach to spitting out lyrics is at times downright inaudible. And when pitted against the melodic riffs of the three guitarists, especially in the track ‘DET’, it can hinder their contribution.

Jonah Falco’s innovative drumming style and speed is a constant highlight, chiefly during ‘Paper The House’ and ‘The Great Divide’.

Fucked Up have always evolved by pushing the boundaries of what encapsulates hardcore – ala Husker Du and Refused – which is evident by the use of a glockenspiel and organ during ‘Echo Boomer’ and ‘Warmer Change’, respectively.

In ‘Touch Stone’ the band have come to realise how they now inspire the punk kids of today; “You are who I remember/Me when I was just an ember/Now I’m a stone sleeping in the under/You are the flame dancing on the tinder”.

‘Led By Hand’ features J Mascis of Dinosaur Jnr, and his vocals bring a sense of calm to the burly shrieks of Abraham. ‘The Art Of Patrons’ has that anthemic feel, none more so then the sing-a-long chorus of ”It’s the privilege of masked illusion”.

Though the album is very different conceptually as to their incredibly well received 2011 ‘rock opera’ record David Comes To LifeGlass Boys still delivers one hell of a self inflicted punch.

Key Track: ‘The Art Of Patrons’ & ‘Led By Hand’

Rating: 7.5/10

Label: Arts & Crafts/Matador/Remote Control Records 

This review was written for Tonedeaf (An Australian music site)



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