Single Review: Laura Jean – ‘Don’t Marry The One You Love’

laura janeMelbourne based folk songstress Laura Jean has just dropped the second single; ‘Don’t Marry The One You Love’, from her soon to be released eponymous album. Even though the upbeat and breezy sounding track contains the lush tones of it’s composer, as well as backing vocals from Norway’s Jenny Hval – herself a former resident of Melbourne – it’s a song that can only be viewed as an open war cry against marrying the one person you fall for.

The song’s skeptical tone is obvious right from the off, as it opens with; “Nothing unlike true love/To make you lose your belief”, and its followed up with the dagger in the heart, to life long nuptials via; “Don’t marry the one you love/It’ll only hurt more”. Laura Jean places many a valid point on the table against, what many see as the only way to show complete commitment, by stating how marriage leads to the harsh realities of jealousy and regret.

With this stripped down track following on from previous single ‘First Love Song’, Laura Jean is seemingly about to release a rather forlorn yet personal collection of songs on her new record, which is released on August 22nd, courtesy of local label Chapter Music.

Have a listen to ‘Don’t Marry The One You Love’:

Check out the video for ‘First Love Song’:





  2 comments for “Single Review: Laura Jean – ‘Don’t Marry The One You Love’

  1. Paul
    September 2, 2014 at 12:15 am

    Reviewer of this wonderful song

    Did you forget what a review actually is? Your words seem to say more of her accompanied song and artist participation than actual words describing her voice, the tone,melody,flow of the song. An open war cry? Seriously? Laura Jean deserves more respect. Her song deserves more respect. Whatever the excuse is WAKE UP! Her voice and singing style is uniquely soft, universally crafted with her scratchy voce in some words and compliments a comfortable, perfect spot in the most beautiful park in the world with shade and your eyes closed rocking side to side with an invisible hug from her guitar playing with faint complimenting accordion steps. The world making sense and a perhaps a little truth about relationships. Folk with a breath of fresh contemporary smooth rock air. Please do your job or adequately as only special music demands.

    A music admirer of any genre with class and cosmic reaches within oneself revelating.

    • September 3, 2014 at 2:36 am

      Hi Paul,

      First off thanks for visiting the blog, it’s appreciated. I acknowledge what you have said, however to say I ignored mentioning Laura Jean’s vocal ability is off the mark as I wrote “the upbeat and breezy sounding track contains the lush tones of it’s composer, as well as backing vocals from Norway’s Jenny Hval”. I don’t see how using the words “lush tones” is in anyway offensive to the artist. I also firmly believe there is more than just “perhaps a little truth about relationships” as you put it, that forms the basis of the song. Its a track that constantly refers to how commitment & marriage can lead to the realities of hurt and heartache, hence my use of the term “an open cry”. Music, lyrics and a vocalist’s singing ability can be viewed in a different way by every “music admirer” the world over, that’s the joy of having a strong passion for the topic. In your case her voice takes you to a “perfect spot in the most beautiful park in the world”, which is fair enough. Here’s hoping you make it along to the album launch!



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