Single Review: Slackers Symphony – “Episode in Denial”

DSC_2243 (1)Slackers Symphony are a Dublin based 5 piece who have slowly but surely been fine tuning their collective sound, ever since Cork siblings Ed (vocals, guitar & keys) and James (guitar & backing vocals) Grannell moved to the capital, a little over 3 years ago. The group is rounded out by, Donal Pywell; bass & backing vocals, Nathan Maher; keyboards & backing vocals and Brian Mannion; drums.

The current incarnation of the band have been perfecting their live performances around Ireland since July of last year, so the fact they have managed to put out such a commanding and attention grabbing debut release, within a short space of time, says alot about this gang of supposed layabouts!

The first track, “Episode in Denial” opens with an infectious dual guitar attack courtesy of the brothers Grannell, while your head can’t help but bobble along incessantly as soon as the accompanying drumming of Mannion, makes itself known. You’d be forgiven for thinking this was a song that evoked memories of desolation, as Ed’s soaring vocal reflects, possibly in hope more than anything, with such lines as;  “everything is going to be alright/everything is going to turn out fine/oh everything is going to be alright/baby when you’re living in denial”. However due to the track containing such irresistible pop hooks, as well as oozing with melodic tendencies throughout, you can’t help but find yourself in a better mood than you did before you first listened to “Episode in Denial”.

With the guys having set the bar at such a high level with the lead track, how does follow up “Technology” hold up in comparison?. Pretty damn well it must be said! It blasts out of the gates with an instantly recognisable 70’s punk vibe, that sounds as if The Only Ones and the full Good Vibrations’ roster got together for a night of undiluted debauchery, while taking on board some words of wisdom from David Byrne, as he sat in a darkened corner. “Technology” is played with such blistering pace and energy, yet somehow, it never fails to embrace the same cogent pop sensibilities that Slackers Symphony seemingly have in abundance.


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