Single Review: The Living Eyes – “Guilty Pleasures”

Regrettably I must admit that the Geelong based label Anti Fade Records, has only just popped up on my radar, meaning at this stage, I have only managed to explore the tip of its heavily punk/garage rock induced roster. The label’s most recent release is this 7″ single “Guilty Pleasures”, from young psyche disciples The Living Eyes. The group made up of, Billy Gardner; guitar/vocals, Dayle Herbert; bass, Nicholas Hill; drums and Mitch Campleman; guitar, have already put out a self-titled debut record, a split cassette release with label mates The Clits, and an earlier 7″ single entitled, “Ways To Make A Living”.

The track kicks off with the pummelling sound of Hill attacking the skins, alongside Herbert’s powerful chainsaw-esque bass lines. Its ferocious yet melodic pace continues to gather fierce momentum, as Gardner & Campleman’s  thrashing guitar blitz refuses to back down. It’s a glorious, sub two minute slab of 60’s infused garage rock with a pinch of The Damned thrown in, that deserves your undivided attention.

the living eyesGardner – who runs Anti Fade and plays drums in fellow Geelong-ians Ausmuteants – takes the lead vocal on the scuzzy guitar driven “Lowlife”. It’s a catchier and more accessible affair than “Guilty Pleasures”, though that is in no way meant to take anything away from the rollicking A-side! These four guys know how to construct an infectious yet downright dirty little ditty, exemplified in this instance by the shredding guitar led instrumental, that is only begging to be blasted out for all to hear!

Both songs will appear on The Living Eyes’ sophomore album Living Large, due out later this year.




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