Single Review: Little xs For Eyes – “Love Gets Lost”

little xs for eyes picDublin six piece Little xs for Eyes have returned with aplomb in the form of “Love Gets Lost”, the first single to be lifted from their soon to be released second album Everywhere Else.

The track begins with some melodious sounding guitar chords, which act as the perfect segue-way to the intricate, yet rather seamless interwoven vocal parts from the band’s female members; Bennie Reilly; vox/guitar, Lucy Jackson; synths/vox and Michelle Considine; glockenspiel/vox.

The group, which also includes Harry Bookless; bass, Ed Costello; drums and Davey Moor: guitar/vox , bring their own hook laden and melody induced take on the indie-pop genre, something, which can only be described as revitalising in this day and age.

Little xs for Eyes have an uncanny penchant for writing overly infectious indie-pop gems, something which was prevalent throughout their 2011 debut long player S.A.D., as well as on last year’s “Summer Stay” single. So it makes perfect sense that they’d continue along the same vein with “Love Gets Lost”, with its buoyant tone and pitch perfect harmonising, acting as an ideal cloak to the song’s despondent lyrical outlay.

With lines such as; “I don’t wanna stay/If we’re gonna debate/ Are we gonna talk ourselves into a grave” and “Now my heart is open /But my voice is tired /I wish my lips were swollen instead of my eyes”, the single highlights the fact that lyricist Reilly is prepared to delve into the darker and more personal realms of everyday life, and not just write about dance floors and the joys of summer.

“Love Gets Lost” demands you grab your dancing shoes and turn the volume up. Click below for a listen:


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