Single Review: The Dissolutes – “Past Abandoned”

dissolutes picThe Dissolutes are a Cork based foursome, who infuse 70’s inspired hard rock, with old style delta blues and a good honest rock’n’roll attitude. The group is comprised of; Paul Power; vox, Darrin Mullins; guitar, Ian Walsh; drums and Paco Cuence; bass, and with so much of their lives spent in the polluted world of alternative music, they can’t be viewed as the new kids on the block!

Their debut album Brutal Theatre was released last year, however only now is the first single from it, “Past Abandoned”, set to be released – pencil in September 29th – on the independently run Irish label FIFA Records.

The opening few bars scarily evoke that of Led Zeppelin’s infamous “Dazed & Confused”, while Power’s whiskey soiled rasp sounds more reminiscent of Chris Cornell (Soundgarden/Audioslave) than that of Robert Plant! It’s a track filled with crunching riffs and bombastic drumming, yet still manages to hold a melodic hook throughout. Granted its nothing overly original from The Dissoulutes, but there is an obvious bite to the track that has to be admired.

The lyrical content of “Past Abandoned” examines such self reflective themes as redemption and personal demons that can hound many of us, however unexpected, something that is highlighted whenever Power hollers; “you don’t pass the blame/refrain from the same/when there’s nothing left/we’ll start again”.

The accompanying music video – see below – takes an even further provocative look at how the worlds of rage and lust can lead down a dark and dangerous path.



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