Single Review: The Vincent(s) – ‘Song For The Sea’ (Courtney Taylor-Taylor Remix)

the vincent(s) group pic

Messrs Marcus Allen, Jonathan Deasy, Shane Murphy, Kevin Sanderson & Bleeding Gums Gallagher (in no particular order!)

With ‘Song For The Sea’ having originally appeared on their Valley of the Sun EP from August of last year, one may have thought it odd that The Vincent(s) would want to release a remix version just over a year later. However when Courtney Taylor-Taylor, frontman of The Dandy Warhols, came a knockin at FIFA Record’s door and enquired whether he could remix one of their tunes, having withnessed the band play live earlier this year, what up and up and coming band is going to turn that down?!

The end result of this collaboration – which included the track being mixed by Brandon Eggleston of Swans and Modest Mouse fame – has led to ‘Song For The Sea’ sounding even heavier, darker and somewhat more industrial than the original.

There is far more of an emphasis given to the bass this time round, with its extra fuzzy barrage whacking you in the face right from the off! Marcus Allen’s Cork tinged vocals are alot clearer here too, which is yet another positive, as they were a little lost in the depths of the song’s obvious despair first time round. Everytime the track’s instrumental section comes into play one can’t help but turn up the volume even further, due to its ability to be contagiously catchy yet downright heavy at the same time.

The Vincent(s) have always managed to channel their love of heavy metal, psych, grunge and punk, which some have classed as ‘death pop’, since they first burst onto the scene in 2012! So with the release of this single, on top of the band’s plans to put out their debut full length record next year, no doubt you will hear even more about this Dandy Warhol approved outfit in 2015.


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