EP Review: September Girls – “Veneer”

This review originally appeared in Issue 3 of The Thin Air

SeptemberGirlsEP.jpgWith their debut album Cursing the Sea garnering a lot of positive feedback on its release, September Girls may have felt the pressure when it came to its follow up. However it’s safe to say that with this Veneer EP, the band have successfully managed to not only keep hold of their reverb heavy and melody induced style, but are now also exploring far more ominous subject matters.

Opening track ‘Veneer’ highlights their appreciation of all things garage, with its fuzzy bass lines and crashing drums taking centre stage more than once. However at times it does sound a little too raw, with the vocals suffering due to being inaudible for the most part.

Next up is ‘Black Oil’, where the spoken vocal delivery intertwines itself rather effortlessly amongst the song’s continuous barrage of distorted guitars, murky imagery and thunderous beats.

SeptemberGirls1.jpgThere is a far jauntier feel to ‘Melatonin’, which is down to Jessie Ward’s spectre-like vocals, while its multi-layered approach includes some hardened bluesy riffs battling it out against some softer keyboard sounds.

Lastly ‘Butterflies’ finds the girls in delicately harmonious spirit, all while being surrounded by a cacophonous blend of drums, keyboards, guitars and a harrowing bass solo, that at times threaten to spill over, yet are reigned in at just the right moment.

Veneer will surely only push September Girls further into the limelight, no matter how gloomy they aim to be!

Have  a listen to ‘Butterflies’ below:

Veneer is being released by: Fortuna Pop (EU) & Kanine Records (US)


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