Single Review: Jonny Telafone – “The Prayer”

the prayerMelbourne based musician Jonny Telafone’s latest release “The Prayer”, is the first single to be lifted from his forthcoming Chapter Music release; Romeo Must Cry. It will be Telafone’s first proper full-length record for the label, as it follows his 2012 self-titled collection which gathered together 20 tracks that had previously featured in cassette and digital formats only.

“The Prayer” highlights Telafone’s obvious fondness for slickly produced R’n’B, while at the same time taking a somewhat darker approach to the genre’s more often than not, upbeat take on the subject of love. It’s a track that incorporates quiet pulse like synths that transport one back to the late 70’s and early 80’s darkwave movement, as well as including a chorus that can’t help but drag the listener back for more over and over again.

Telafone’s brooding yet deadpan vocal delivery, contains the transparent pain of one’s desperate longing for that special someone, who is seemingly forever unattainable; ”eyes lock over the room/share something inside/softly spoken desire/you’ve got beautiful eyes/we know its a sin/and its startin’ again/it’s a force of nature baby/it’ll electrocute you”.

Watch the Geoffrey O’Conner directed video below:

Or feel free to just listen here:


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