Single Review: Dick Diver – ‘Tearing the Posters Down’

dick diver group picMelbourne indie-pop darlings Dick Diver are now only a month away from releasing their highly anticipated third full length Melbourne, Florida. Having previously released the album’s infectiously upbeat first single ‘Waste the Alphabet’ back in December, the foursome have very kindly decided to drop a follow up in the form of ‘Tearing the Posters Down’

One can’t help but feel as though everything is well in the world when the opening power pop chimes of ‘Tearing the Posters Down’ grabs you right from the off. Steph Hughes’ delicate yet catchy drum intro combines with Al McKay’s jangly guitar style and Al Montfort’s bass in such a way they emanate a sound that is particularly reminiscent of the likes of XTC, and of course the always comparable Flying Nun bands of the 80’s.

Rupert Edwards takes over lead vocals which don’t kick in until the 70 second mark but once the full compliment combine, ‘Tearing the Posters Down’ highlights the fact that Dick Diver’s writing prowess is going from strength to strength, especially when the combo harmonise on the last few lines; “Bad things happen accurately/Everywhere lifes scenery/Then your tearing the posters down/From the walls”.

Fantastic stuff!

 Melbourne, Florida is released on March 6th by Chapter Music/Trouble In Mind


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