Introducing: Everything Shook

ESep coverThis piece originally appeared in Issue 6 of The Thin Air

Featuring Jessica Kennedy and Aine Stapleton, from You Can Call Me Frances, and Robyn Bromfield – a.k.a Catscars – Everything Shook have managed to combine elements of these projects rather cursively on their debut EP; Argento Nights.

Keyboards, synths and glockenspiel as well as a wide variety of sound effects courtesy of Bromfield’s Korg DS, are ever present throughout the EP and when you add in the girls’ haunting harmonising, Everything Shook’s opening chapter keeps you guessing.

A countdown-like synth kicks off ‘I Walked Past Your House’, a track that reveals a particularly discerning observational account of one night, containing lines such as: “overwhelmed by the moonlight/I became a waterfall of fright” and “dread in my whole body”. As murky as those lyrics may be, the song also highlights the impressive vocal attributes of the trio, who harmonise effortlessly throughout.

‘Come Back To Mine’ is heavier on the synth and keyboard sounds and it also contains more of an electro-pop vibe to ‘I Walked Past Your House’. Vocal duties are a little harder to pin down however, with every other line having a seemingly different singer, though the chorus of: “cool ye/boil ye/bake ye” sees all three back in sync.

Final track ‘Misericord’ is the weakest of the three efforts, with some of the sound effects sounding forced and like they could accompany a cartoon villain’s entrance! There’s an eerie feel to Kennedy’s keyboard playing, while the bass is so low in the mix it’s easily missed so here it feels a little light weight.

The band’s brand of minimal electro-pop may contain the odd dark lyrical theme or two, but by adding some rather quirky instrumentation to proceedings they have managed to bring a unique element to the genre.


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