Album Review: Little xs For Eyes – “Everywhere Else”

This piece originally appeared in Issue 7 of The Thin Air

little xs for eyes album artNearly four years have passed since Dublin six piece little xs for eyes, dropped their sun drenched debut S.A.D. upon unsuspecting listeners, so the question now is: whether the delay with this sophomore effort has been worth the wait?

It’s with a sigh of relief that the answer is an emphatic “yes”!

Everywhere Else is full of harmony induced indie pop gems, with lead vocalist and main songwriter Bennie Reilly’s syrupy vocals once again to the fore. There are hooks and catchy chimes a plenty on this record, which just like their debut, encompasses all things Summery.

little xs for eyes band

However the darker and more personal lyrical content of songs like; ‘Love Gets Lost’ ‘Sleeping Hearts’ and ‘Logical Love’, revolving around lost love and failed relationships, act as a perfect juxtaposition to the upbeat and seemingly care free nature of the music.

Little xs for eyes ability to combine lush (mainly all female) harmonies, with a driven yet deft like approach from the rhythm section and catchy keyboard/xylophone notes – not to mention the obvious lyrical themes – proves that the outfit are definitely progressing in the right direction. here’s hoping album number three comes around faster than this!

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