EP Review: Wounded Healer – ”Panic About Love”

Wounded Healer cover artThis piece originally appeared in Issue 10 of The Thin Air

Wounded Healer is the new solo venture by Ships’ member Sorca McGrath and based on the strength of this debut effort, one can imagine that McGrath will be juggling both acts for the foreseeable future. Having written, performed, recorded and produced this three track EP, McGrath has been able to set out her stall without any outside interference, something which has clearly paid dividends throughout Panic About Love.

Sorca McGrath picShips’ music has so far encapsulated the likes of funk and disco alongside electro-pop and synth induced vibes. However with Wounded Healer McGrath has gone for more of a sombre and slightly darker approach, while still incorporating her love of synths and electronica.

The EP opens with the title track, a number that highlights McGrath’s brooding vocal style, one which suits its melancholic lyrical content; “It’s not as simple as that/you’re not meant to feel trapped”. ‘Change Your Mind’ and ‘Check Your Patterns’ are both rather downbeat affairs yet still manage to unearth catchy rhythmical tones while the various sound effects mix with repetitive yet soft beats and synth indebted loops, all the while accompanying McGrath’s woozy delivery.

Check out ‘Panic About Love’ below:


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